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Man-at-Arms Mistery, of Granite Spyre, Wetlands

”It's a Mistery.”


Left behind and forgotten as a young boy, to live life by my own devices in this world. Learning how to survive and strive in isolation for the beginning of my adolescent years until I managed to find my way to The Mushroom Shrine. There I began to learn how to defend myself and survey the land for prey as a team and finding a place to call home. With help from the people of Mushroom Shrine learning who I am, in questioning of where I once came from I discovered the powers of magic, In unfortunate timing the place that I once called my home has forever been destroyed due to disease and nature; with the people scarred I began a journey to find a place to call home once more. Many years later I came across Granite Spyre a small land but open and warming they were to me. A new home I have found. Granite Spyre is where I began a new life with new friends and allies. In time I found the houses of Blood Raven, Westcraven, Morrior Fairy Tail ,and was accepted into the company of the Saracens "Chuvash Dragons". My family was made. As Granite Spyre grew so did I in the arts of magic and science, continuing to learn more by every passing moon.

Affiliated Groups

Saracens - Chuvash Dragons Tribe

Belted Family

Sir Daxon Goldmoon (Knight of the Flame 2002)

Notable Accomplishments

A well liked Saracen, somehow manages to not be incinerated under Daxon's eagle-like gaze.

More Information

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