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Sir Boldwen Reinholt, of the Emerald Hills and Golden Plains

”Well, thanks, but next time could you at least use Vaseline first?" 5f34.jpg
(Reinholt with family: Reinholt is second from right, Dustin Darkenmane on right end. The woman to Reinholt's immediate left is his mother, Merrilee.)


Sir Boldwen Reinholt was one of the first Dallas SCA'ers to defect to Amtgard when the Emerald Hills started up there, and was also one of the earliest members of Sable Pride. After moving to Amarillo in 1988, Reinholt and Greywalker founded the Golden Plains as a Shire under the Hills. Reinholt served as the Golden Plains' first and only Sheriff, because the Plains reached Barony status before the end of his second term; Reinholt also had the honor of finishing out that term as the Plains' very first Baron. Sir Dustin Darkenmane, another Baron and Knight from the Plains' early days, was Reinholdt's kid brother in mundane life-- the two were legendary for resolving their sibling issues on the battlefield, provided that Reinholt could catch Dustin first! Both Reinholt and Dustin were survivors of the Great Massacre of 1989. In recognition of his services to Amtgard and the Hills, Reinholt was knighted in September 1989 by Queen Alessandra in the Emerald Hills proper. Those who knew Reinholt casually might have mistaken him for an eternal pessimist; those who knew him well understood that this was just his sarcastic sense of humor and that very little actually ever got to him.

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