Elemental, Sand

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What? You are complaining about seeing a glass cube full of sand!? I promise you that this is something rare and wondrous. Look closer ... closer ... closer! See that swirl of grit? That is a small elemental. You couldn’t tell by looking at this specimen, but Sand Elementals can grow to be as large as a nomad’s camp - and the sand storms caused by these mischievous spirits have been known to get out of control, causing widespread damage! Not so boring now, eh?
1001 Amtgardian Nights

Game Statistics

  • Silver sash
  • Tan clothing with fringe
Requirements None
Monster Type Extra-Planar
Level 6
Power Rating 3
Armor 2 (Natural)
Shields None
Weapons Short (Natural Magical), Hinged (Natural Magical)



Special Notes