1001 Amtgardian Nights

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The desert winds blow grit and sand into the air and the dunes are ever shifting. The heat drags down even the most hardy adventurer and traveler.

This guide will take you to a whole new world of Arabian Nights. The background and cultures of the desert-dwelling peoples will come to life as players immerse themselves into a world of danger and fantastical exploits.

Within the pages of this manual, you will find strange, new creatures as well as arid variations of more common beasts. You will also find an assortment of terrain challenges that can be used in all manner of battle games and quests related to the real, mythical and literary genre of desert travel and adventure.

Also, there are new archetypes that can be used in your themed games, such as the Pit Fighter and the Sand Shaman, as well as battle game suggestions and rules for running your very own desert-themed adventures.

As with Scheherazade’s tales, these words have been presented to enhance your games and your player’s worlds, bringing the heroes to a wonderful place of unrelenting heat, fatal dangers and wondrous rewards. Let the One Thousand and One Nights begin!

Your Humble Guide,
Draggo Vindictus, Wetlands 2017


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Cast & Crew


Regarding the Theme

The Sultan’s Menagerie

The Legendary Bestiary

Men of the Sands

The Bizarre Bazaar

Welcome to the Bazaar! Here you will find many mysterious and unique items of wondrous power. Many of them will make an ordinary man into a hero. Do you want to be a hero, sirrah?

The Sandy Wastes

A few examples of how deadly the desert environs can be to the unwary! Pay heed to your steps and never stray far from the caravan path, or else you could find yourself in a world of trouble.

Tombs & Crypts

These standards of fantasy literature lend their potential to Amtgard with relative ease. With a little imagination and several rolls of ribbon, hundreds of battlegames can be brought to life in the darkened corridors of a long-forgotten tomb or burial complex of an ancient pharaoh. These rules may be used to simulate the interior of buildings, caves or crypts alike. Be sure your players are clear on the hazards involved when venturing forth!

The Arena and the Pit