Dragons Creek

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A Shire of the Viridian Outlands, located in Chewelah Washington.


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(Digitally Made by Zevith Pascoal) There is a dragon in the mountain and a creek running down the mountain. It was the idea of our founders. Though they wanted the mountains down the dragons spine, that was a little too difficult to put on a shield or tunic. We hold to their chose in colors though. Green, Blue, and Silver.

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  • 2009-Squire Theron was a looking for a new start in AmtGard when his mundane life brought him to Chewelah, WA. Squire Theron met Kupen back in 2008. Kupen was starting up Digital Dojo 1.0 and liked the idea of the game, so they starting taking step in creating a land. Digital Dojo 1.0 was the perfect place for young people to gather and geek out so this was the starting ground to our fighters. Becoming the first best place to sponsor AmtGard. Before the two dragons could do much more they called in for back up, Bringing Man at Arms Chunk of the Stone Clover and Squire Grim Dragonfist joined to help get things in motion. This Brought Dragon Creek's First wave of people. Man at Arms Grizz Lee Bear, Man at Arms Penguin, Man at Arms Scrye, Panda, Black Kid, Kain, Marx, and Fro, were a few part of this first delicate stage. As Sundays became more constant AmtGard attracted another wave of kids who lasted a few short. They were inspired by the company Dragons of the Rune and tried to start a company of there own that was short lived. During this time frame Squire Reaper of Dragon's Creek, Man at Arms Pork Chop, and Scorch also joined the fight.

  • 2010-Buy the end of 2009 Dojo 1.0 was getting enough business to move to a bigger location, We called it Dojo 2.0. AmtGard started to stabled out at our field on Sundays. This year we caught the attention of other lands and more mundanes. Man at Arms Theodius Baozue, Page Blaze Aeturnus, Makeshift, Pinky, KyRaSoul are a few who stuck around this year. This is also when we started our first monarchy with Squire Sheriff Theron and Champion Chunk of the Stone Clover. This year was also the year the Barbarian hoard of Storm Haven declared an invasion on us, so we learned to ready up for a big event.

  • 2011-This was a a bit of a big year for us, this year Barbarian hoard of Storm Haven brought what they had left and came to invade us but we called for help from the Dragons of the Rune and fought off their feeble attempts. Numbers and moral started growing to an all time high. Mundanes started getting curious about our crazy little group next to the highway. We worked our way to camps and made feasts, this is when we first started planing Dragon Creek Camp out!

  • 2012- Sadly even though Amtgard was getting bigger in Chewelah WA, it wasn't strong enough to keep Dojo 2.0 alive. We stuck with it, and looked forward to Dragons Creek's future. We got some Storm Haven visitors and inspired some old AmtGardains to come out and rejoin the cause of the game. This year we got an offer that would changed the way things would be forever. We were offered to join Storm Haven as they start their journey of a Principality. The votes were all against one for joining the cause. We held the Second Dragons Creek Camp-Out this year and this time made 20$ profit.

  • 2013- We find our selfs being looked up to by a younger generation this year, as PB&J and her two little brothers Demin and Hellboy join our land along with some other little guys; Burning Stone, Erik Rider, Adikus, and Pocket Jack. We voted and declined joining Stormhaven in their journey, hoping to leave our options open and looking for simplicity of a freehold to guide our fresh sprouts.


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The Monarchy for Dragons Creek
Monarch Regent Champion Prime Minister Guildmaster of Reeves Guildmaster of Knights
Reign #1 (Spring 2009) Squire Theron Penguin Man at ArmsChunk Stone Clover Kupen N/A N/A
Reign #2 (Fall 2009) Squire Theron Penguin Man at Arms Chunk FaytePro-temMan at Arms Scrye n/a n/a
Reign #3 (Spring 2010) Man at Arms Chunk Squire Theron Page Grizzly Pro-tem Reaper Man at Arms Scrye N/a N/a
Reign #4 (Fall 2010) Man at Arms Chunk Squire Theron Penguin Marx N/a N/a
Reign #5 (Spring 2011) Squire Theron KyRa Soul Man at Arms Chunk Man at Arms Scrye n/a n/a
Reign #6 (Fall 2011) [[Squire Theron Felix Man at Arms Tiny Pro-Tem Reaper KyRa Soul Man at Arms Scrye n/a
Reign #7 (Spring 2012) Squire Theron Felix TwixsterPro-tem PorkChop Grizzly Marx n/a
Reign #8 (Fall 2012) KyRa Soul SquireTheron Tiny Pro-TemReaper PorkChop Man at ArmsChunk n/a
Reign #9 (Spring 2013) KyRa Soul Reaper Man at Arms Scrye Pork Chop Chunk n/a
Reign #10 (Fall 2013) Man at Arms Scrye KyRa Soul Pinky Pro-temSquire Theron Pro-temPork Chop Reaper N/a

Contacts and Directions

KyRaSoul - Regent (509)939-9155, Squire Theron -Good Source (509)690-8591

Located next to 395 highway right after Zip,s on your right. We meet every Sunday at noon. We are active we get at least 5 a Sunday mostly averaging out at 15. Squire Theron as well as the help from his dragons is our founder, he is the archer with the long dreads. He is always willing to point you in the right direction. ---

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