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Baron Squire Scorch Obsidyn Flamedancer, of Ashen Grove, Kingdom of Westmarch

”I take my nerding very seriously.” - Scorch




Shortly after Comic Con '12, Scorch was invited to a park day with Siar Geata by the then Champion, Woodstock. He was immediately in love with the game, having grown up with a similar style of play that was strictly PVC, pipe isolation, and duct tape. After discovering that swords don't have to be heavier than a two-by-four and archery was an option, they quickly fell in love with the game. They soon were able to drag their husband Fuzzy McFistaCuffs onto the field and the couple became a force to be reckoned with ever since. While Fuzzy's passion lies in constructing and inventing new advances in Amtgard tech, and Scorch's passion lies in leadership and sewing, they both are committed to service and making happen the Amtgard they both wanna see in the world. Since then, he has been focusing on traveling to other local foam fighting groups, including tap LARPs and Belegarth. Their end goal is to unite all SoCal foam fighting in hopes to encourage better fighting, comradery between games, and eventually a southern California kingdom.

Once they moved from Oceanside to Murrieta, he was a founding member of a new Westmarch Shire as it's first Sheriff, Ashen Grove. Post pandemic, they're hoping to rebuild their core and eventually grow to Barony size, while maintaing relationships with other near by parks.

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

Offices Held

Events Attended

  • Feast of Mars IX '13
  • Judgement, Battle of Blackwater III '13
  • Battle for the Ring VI '14
  • The Battle of Andor VI '14
  • The War of the Darkshore XVII '14
  • Gathering of the Clans XXXI '14
  • Feast of Mars X '14
  • Crossroads: Rise of Fenrir I '14 (Gate-o-Crat)
  • Battle for the Ring VII '15
  • Day of Adventure II '15
  • The War of Darkshore XVIII '15 (Co-Feast-o-Crat)
  • The Battle of Andor VII '15
  • Crossroads: Arabian Nights II '15 (Co-Autocrat)
  • Battle for the Ring VIII '16
  • The War of Darkshore XIV '16 (Security-o-crat)
  • Salt Wars XIII '16
  • Feast of Mars '16
  • Battle for the Ring '17
  • The Battle of Andor '17
  • Battle for the Ring '18
  • Salt Wars '18
  • Battle for the Ring '19
  • War of Wrath '19
  • Battle for the Ring '20
  • Feast of Odin II '22 (Gate-o-crat)
  • Once Upon a Time '23 (Autocrat and creator)
  • Feast of Gods I '23
  • Once Upon a Time in Neverland '24 (Errand Monkey)

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