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Lord Grim Mr. Herald, The French, of Pegasus Valley, DS



Grim was called "Frenchy" by members of PV. It is important to note that several different people are credited with giving him this nick-name, among them Glenalth and Lurker. edit (he was called Frenchy well before Lurker joined Pegasus Valley) It is not quite clear why people call him this, but the nick-name stuck. Lurker called him Frenchy on his first few weeks out because of his gigantic nose and his tendency to give up whenever severely out-matched in a fight. Frenchy is typically tolerated among his peers, but his loud-mouthed tendency and crude mannerisms have not made him many friends. Coincidentally enough, Frenchie's favorite class is Barbarian.

Frenchy is currently sporadically active.

Belted Family

Nobody liked Frenchy enough to give him a belt.

Affiliated Groups


Notable Accomplishments

  • Frenchy served one term as Duke of Pegasus Valley, and was outgoing monarch when a certain player served her infamous gumbo. Frenchy was the only person to comment about the food, and was promptly shunned by many players and chastised for being 'rude'. It should be noted that it was, in fact, terrible gumbo.
  • Frenchy hand-sewed everything, as he was too poor to afford a sewing machine, and too lazy to find a better job. His garb typically consisted of jersey-tunics and shorts.
  • Frenchy is a self-titled 'jack-of-all-trades' when it comes to fighting; when he got tired of being beat using one weapon combination, he would switch to different weapons in hopes of becoming an instant warlord. Frenchy is the only fighter in Pegasus Valley to consistently use flail and shield as a weapon combination.
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