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KyRaSoul of Dragons Creek

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First Consistent Female fighter and First Female in monarchy in the Freehold of Dragons Creek. Started in late 2009 as a assassin. Her first camp-out was Rosewood 2010 and enjoyed it enough to attend Pacwar 2010. As her passion grew in the game she stepped up and was the regent of Dragons Creek for the winter reign in 2011. She as well as Squire Theron and Chunk of the Stone Clover ran the First Dragons Creek Camp out this year as well. After such a successful first year. She dived into her second camp out season attending 2011 Rosewood and Pacwar. Spring Mid Reign of 2012 she ran for Prime Minister. She Started the camp out season With the First Northern Lights Coronation Camp-out in 2012. She kept good camp out attendance by showing at this years Rosewood and Pacwar as well. This year she also planed the second Dragons Creek camp out with Felix. She finished the year by running for Sheriff for 2012 winter carried the job very well. Currently she is filling as Regent for the rest of summer reign 2014 cause of mundane stealing the previous pro-tem and filling out a term to joining the Brotherhood of the Dragons of the Rune.

Affiliated Groups

  • Older Sister in House Of the Black and Blue Hearts -HBBH
  • initiate of the Fighting Company Dragons of the Rune under Sister Skittles

Belted Family


Notable Accomplishments

Has ran 3 Camp-outs and attended many more. Has taken on many feasts and a few fundraisers. Has been Regent, Prime Minister, and Sheriff in a total of 5 reigns.