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"Damn I'm good looking."

”The Beatings will Continue until Morale Improves”


Zhao Squall (赵 狂風 )Von Iceblood (Shortened to a poser name of "Squall"), once a self described "part-time" participant of Amtgard dabbled within the Ivory Tower beginning in 2006. After shattering his polearm whilst unwisely attempting to use it as a lever to remove a wheel and his then-wife having complications with pregnancy, he stopped coming. In 2010, he returned to the field in the wake of a personal crisis. The Ivory Tower was there and became a second home for Squall, where he found solace on the field, a home in the Iron Spire and family in Jackal Company.

To return the kindness of supporting him during a dark time in his life, Squall now serves the sport in any way he can. Currently a Major in Jackal Company, he is abrasive, blunt and sometimes downright freaking rude. Somehow this catapulted him into the office of Baron. Numerous supporters were rallied to the call to fight for Duchy Status during his reign. The Ivory Tower was officially declared a Duchy in August of 2013, with Squall reigning as its first Duke.

Affiliated Groups

Jackal Company Heraldry.jpeg Major: Jackal Company

House Lannister.png House Lannister of Rivermoor

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

  • Granted the noble title of Hakushaku (Earl) by Prince Ormarr, Principality of Rivermoor, August 2014

Additional Images

Zhao Squll ST 2013 1.jpg"That's right...look at me. I'm pretty. I'm loud. I'm a distraction."
Zhao Squll ST 2013 2.jpgby Jehendon Summer Trials 2013
SquallArmour.jpgMajor Zhao Squall von Iceblood - Bedecked in plate and the quilted colors of Jackal Company.

More Information

  • Adoptive Father: Balgore Iceblood
  • Favorite Drink: Bombay Sapphire, Captain Morgan Private Stock
  • Proud Vet
  • Proud Father
  • Proud Survivor

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