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Arch Duke Sir Zephram MacLaren, of Tori-Mar the Celestial Kingdom

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Zephram is known for his love of role-play and pageantry. A dedicated officer he has held every kingdom level position in the CK, but dropped the position of Champion in protest of King Matthew LeGrey and PM Kaderian's firing of his wife, Dame Melinda MacLaren, as Princess Regent (when she suggested at court the kingdom boycott events sponsored by a certain group over their use of illicit drugs on public lands). He began playing in June of 1988 and served as the Fifth regent during the reign of King Rufus Grimwulf, the 7th Prime Minister and the 11th Monarch. A melee fighter of middling skill (7 Orders of the Warrior), his preferred style when ditching was door shield and flail or glaive (sans shield). But he really shone in class battles as a wizard. He is one of the deadliest casters I have ever seen, easily the equal of Rendarken, Vlar, or Dreadstone.

My favorite memory of him dates back to the CK’s ill fated invasion of the Wetlands during the reign of Queen Theresa. Some dozen of us including Dreadstone, Drakknar and I faced off against forty plus Wetlanders. We were hard pressed. Even with four times our numbers but they wouldn’t engage. Instead they would pin us up against the walls with pole arms and have their casters call for our deaths. Then Zephram showed up, and suddenly there were a lot less pole arms. I have never been happier to see him. – Randalf Falconbridge

I was there when the Celestial Kingdom invaded Dragonspine. The drive was sooo worth it. We got the high ground and let them charge up the hill. I was a 6th level Monk playing caddie for Zephram's Arch Mage. So in between ducking and dodging arrows, the odd warrior, and oh yeah - opposing spell balls; I gathered up his ammo and kept the chain guns roaring. He laid waste, there is no other way to say it. - Wanderer

Some Fairly Well Known Facts

  • Zephram was a Politico and artisan of no small ability.
  • Zephram was known as Gilbert duQuai when he played in pre-split Barad Duin.
  • Zephram famously went to war (on separate occasions) with Wanderer, Tashi'iak, and Warlock. He LOVED a good land grab!
  • Zephram is infamous for knighting Drakknar in the Burnet parking lot at 3 am. He admitted regretting the episode after his reign, but the deed was done.
  • Amidst controversy over whether to grant Duchess Andralaine (not of his realm) Knighthood of the Serpent, he instead named her Queen Mother of the Celestial Kingdom for her role as the realm's progenitor.

Affiliated Groups

  • Zephram was a member of the Templar fighting company, though I am no longer sure of their status. Months before venturing into Mundania, he joined the Saracens. In the pre-split days, he was lord of Menage Thelemien (a household).

Belted Family

Zephram squired Angrist, Mandrake, Greylin, and Nightshade (the latter was short-lived). His grand Squire by Angrist is Willow Dreammaker.

Notable Accomplishments

Zephram has the record of knighting more Amtgarders in a six month period than any other monarch, with an outstanding seventeen (17). This eclipses any present day record, that will hopefully never be broken.



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