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Marquis Sir Angrist Galvorn Rising Sun

"And they expect ANGRIST to keep you folks "out of trouble?" Dear Mother Goddess, that's like putting a porn-star in charge of maintaining the sexual integrity of a convent! *grin*" -- Baron Sir Calvin MacDruen


He started at the Shire of Ragnarok in Killeen TX, CK in 1993. Became the second Baron of Ragnarok in August of that year and squired to Earl Sir Zephram MacLaran. He moved to Irongate Golden Plains in 1995 for a year and a half, and to the East coast in 1997. He founded the Colony of Eastport in 1997 with Baron Sir Calvin MacDruen, and started Great Eastern in 1998. He then relocated to Solstice in 1999 and remained there until 2004. In 2007, he left Dark Harbor and returned to Solstice.

In 2008, he took pennance for an on-line nuking he gave to a rival knight on the Crystal Groves list to set an example to up and comers that there are consequences for your actions as a knight. The other knight didn't even bother to apologize for various silly slanders that no one believed anyway.

That summer, personal issues between himself and his former squire Celwyn led him to not only resign his newly-elected position as Regent, but leave Solstice for good as well. He spent some time as a member of a now defunct group called Loa's Landing and as a member of Bandit Flats East before finally moving to Virginia and forming Rising Sun Station. After a summer hiatus due to mundane issues, Rising Sun started again at the insistence of Nimeria. What resulted on that first day was a fairly large land war with members from three separate LARP organizations who cross game- Darkon, Legend, and Amtgard. Needless to say Rising Sun and its allies got their asses handed to them, but a drama free day at the park and a very god time was had by all.

He doesn't care much for being called sir, prefering to be called "Angrist", "Angy" or even a simply "bro". No one takes him less seriously than he does. His Squires simply call him a pervert, and he admits to it. They also know that they can say anything they want to him, and as long as Sir is on the end, that makes it okay.

Affiliated groups

Belted line

Noteable accomplishments

Sir Angrist is a Master Monk, and was knighted in the order of the flame by King Samus of Goldenvale in 1999.


  • MILF Knight


  • Baron Ragnarok August 1993 - February 1994
  • Regent Irongate August 1996 - January 1997
  • Champion Dark Harbor, March 2006 - May 2006
  • Monarch Dark Harbor, May 2006 - September 2006
  • Champion of Dark Harbor, September 2006 - March 2007


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"Hi, I'm awesome. True story."