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A production of the Amtgard X Group for use with the V8 Rules of Play
Written and Compiled by Lord Uncle of Ironwood

Few things are as commonly utilized in the realm of fantasy adventure than dungeons and caverns deep beneath the earth. In this lightless realm, countless treasures await those who are brave enough to venture into the depths. However, this is no small task, for strange creatures exist below the earth.

Nonetheless, the proud Dwarves have managed to carve a thriving society out of unforgiving stone, creating architectural marvels far beneath the earth.

Dwarves are well-known as excellent craftsmen and their halls are works of exceptional beauty, decorated with intricate carvings and precious gemstones. Living high atop (and deep within) inhospitable mountains, they rely on the riches of the Underdark to survive. Dwarf clans regularly trade with their surface-dwelling allies and are known enemies of Orcs, Goblins and other evil subterranean races. Their vast riches often attract jealous eyes from other races, leading them to have a dim view of outsiders - most of whom are assumed to be bandits or con-men out to relieve the Dwarves of their hard won gold.

So it is to the Dwarves we dedicate this Book - a collection of enemies from lore and legend, arrayed against our sturdy heroes. You will also find in-depth instruction on how to recreate dungeons, crypts or even a Stronghold of your very own to challenge your players and bring tales of glory to life. Uncle October 22, 2016

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The Dwarven Hoard

Dwarves have little real love in their stony hearts - kin and clan, king and stronghold - but above all is the love of gold and treasure. Any game featuring Dwarven themes should come with a reward worthy of the King Under The Mountain!




In Dungeons Deep and Caverns Cold

In Dungeons Deep

These standards of fantasy literature lend their potential to Amtgard with relative ease. With a little imagination and several rolls of ribbon, hundreds of battlegames can be brought to life in the darkened corridors of a rank dungeon or the convoluted passages of a cavernous underground complex. These rules may be used to simulate the interior of buildings, caves or dungeons. Be sure your players are clear on the hazards involved when venturing forth!

And Caverns Cold