Ground Traps

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Floor-level obstacles are often overlooked and can be the source of much vexation for unwary adventurers and tomb-raiders.

Mark off a section of ground with ribbon in the desired shape of the trap. Don’t worry if it is clearly visible, someone will step on it whether it is bright orange or cleverly camouflaged. Make sure reeves are informed as to the effects of a trap and optimally there should be enough Reeves so that each trap (or series of traps and encounters) has its own individual judge. Additionally, give each trap a physical description, because smart players will ask, “What do I see?” Best bet: write the information down on a card so the Reeve can refer to it during the game.

Life is the Pits

These traps represent a hole in the ground. This can be anything from naturally hazardous footing to devised pits with spring doors and razor spikes. A few examples of the Pit Trap:

Half Hole

Step in and take a leg wound unless protected by enchantments. Counts as a physical hit to one leg.

Whole Hole

(Wounds Kill) fall in and die unless protected by enchantments.

Poisoned Spikes

Take a leg wound and die in a 100 count unless Healed or already Immune to Death.

Acid Pit

All non-Hardened weapons, shields and equipment is destroyed, death in a 20 count unless pulled free. Enchantments offer no protection nor does Ancestral Armor (gaps in the armor make it moot).

Fire Trap

BOOM! Death unless Protected from Flame or bearing Ancestral Armor. Counts as a physical hit with a Fireball to all locations, including armor and weapons.

Electrical Trap

ZAP! Take a wound (reeve’s decision, usually the first location to touch the trap) unless Protected from Flame or bearing Ancestral Armor. Counts as a physical hit to one location. Victims wearing metal armor are slain unless protected.

Entangle Trap

Player is held in place and must strike each leg 10 times with an edged weapon to be freed. Armor and enchantments do not stop this trap. Barbarians are immune.


Step in and be transported to another location (which may or may not have a teleportal back out!). All classes are effected and enchantments confer no protection. A Dispel Magic cast on a teleportal renders it inoperable for a 100 count.

Bottomless Pit

Good bye, thank you for playing, go straight to base unless you can Fly or Teleport. Victims are considered Cursed (no body left to Resurrect).

Climbing Out

Any trap that represents a normal hole or pit can be climbed out of at a rate of “Climbing” x Number of feet deep the trap is supposed to be (i.e.: a twenty foot deep pit takes Climbing x20 to escape). Both hands must be empty in order to climb, which may mean leaving items “at the bottom”. Teleport, Pass Without Trace (DUAX) and Flight (DUAX) can be used to escape a pit much more quickly if the victim is capable of such feats.

Rope (or a Tomb-Raider’s Best Friend)

Some pits may be described as too steep or slick to climb. Other than the above mentioned spells, the only way of escaping such a trap is to have someone outside the trap “throw down a rope” and pull the victim to safety. A roll of ribbon easily simulates rope if no real rope or twine is available. Once the rope is thrown down, the usual Climbing rules apply.

Unsafe Footing

Woe betides those intrepid explorers who do not watch where they walk, particularly underground or on the side of a mountain. An area may be designated as Unsafe Footing by marking it with brown ribbon. Players attempting to navigate such areas are subject to the following rules:

  • No movement faster than a slow walk is permitted. Running players take an automatic leg wound.
  • If a Rope (q.v.) is anchored to the far side of such areas, players may move normally so long as they hold onto the Rope with one free hand.