Traps, Tricks & Pointy Things

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This section details several ways to make life miserable for your players. Use with caution, and be sure Reeves and players are aware of any special rules involved.

Falling Boulders

Hang three or four foam “boulders” up in the trees with sturdy rope, effectively barring a passage or trail. Have a Reeve or two stand to the side of the walkway and swing the boulders to and fro. Any player who contacts a boulder is considered to have been struck by a Siege Weapon. Optionally, have several children roll the boulders downhill toward the players.

Boulders can also block a path (for multiples see Avalanche below). It takes a 20 count to remove a single boulder. Barbarian or someone enchanted with the following: Bear Strength, Lycanthropy, Void Touched, or Mighty (DUAX) can remove a single boulder.

Anyone able to use Boulders (Rocks) as weapons, may do so if not in motion.

Fire Wire

From the minds of mages come the most deadly ideas. This trap was perfected by Master Wizard Gideon Goldmoon to help defend his mysterious Crypt against invaders. Stretch red or orange ribbon in a crisscross pattern between several trees to achieve an obstacle course-style challenge. Players must weave, bend and crawl through the wires without touching any. To touch one means death unless Protected from Flame or bearing Ancestral Armor. Touching a wire counts as a physical hit to whatever location contacted it for purposes of determining damage to Ancestral Armor. Wires remain in play for the entire game, or may be removed once it has been contacted, at the game master’s option. Extinguish (DUAX) can also remove the flames.

Magic Dead Areas

These areas, through accident or design, are permanently under the influence of an Anti-Magic spell. No magical effects may be initiated or allowed to pass through these areas: spells fizzle, enchantments vanish and relics cease to function. Enchantments reappear intact once the bearer leaves the Magic Dead Zone. Non-magical Class and Monster abilities function without penalty.

Pointy Things

Whether a common spear, a poisoned javelin trap or the shellfish-like Spiker, adventurer’s face a great number of sharp, point objects flying their direction at great velocity. Of course, few people want to be on the business end of such things, but Reeves can use this theme over and over in hopes of knocking a few lives off those cocky Questors. The premise is simple: one or more non-combatants stand stationary with a couple of javelins or spears and tries to poke, impale or stab any passerby. There are many variants to this, including:


Decide how many Spikers (a gastropod with a sharp, pointy shell. It hangs from ceilings in wait of prey to fall upon) you want and give the non-combatant(s) just that many javelins. Each javelin may be thrown once. They strike as Armor Breaking and Shield Crushing, and may only be retrieved and thrown again after a 100 count (Spikers move very slowly unless falling.)

Spear Trap

Non-combatants get a polearm, but may only stab with them. Thrust at regular intervals, like a mechanical trap would. Pull back and reload.

Scything Blades

Same as above, but polearms move in regular up-and-down motions. Both options attack as a normal spear.


As any of the above, but ... you know, Poisoned. As Assassin ability.