Slimes, Mold and Fungi

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Another popular element of fantasy dungeoneering: the limitless variations of algae, mold, slimes and oozes ever-present in caves, caverns and other underground environs. Such basic life forms come in an amazing variety, each suited for the particular niche it has managed to carve out for itself.

To place some in your dungeon, mark off an area with appropriately colored ribbon, preferably close to the ground. What any particular mold does it left to your imagination, but a few of the more common types include the following:

  • Green Slime; Step in and take a leg wound instantly. If you can’t make it out in 10 seconds, you’re dead.
  • Gelatinous Cube: Marked a 5x5 or 10x10 square with white ribbon. Anyone entering the Cube is Stunned and will die from slow digestion in a 50 count unless pulled free from the outside. Careful not to step in while rescuing your friends!
  • Yellow Mold: Tread in this mess and you are Stunned for a 50 count. Exit the area immediately afterward.
  • Flaming Fungi: Touch some and BOOM! Treat as a Lava Bed, but it doesn’t function for 10 seconds after every detonation.(Once it goes off, better run fast!) Usual immunities apply.
  • Death Spore - this malignant plant causes instant death to any who enter its area of effect. Immunity to Death renders a target immune.
  • Choking Spore - as Death Spore, but is only lethal after 30 seconds of exposure.
  • Blue Algae - See, not all this stuff is bad! Rest in this area and be Healed of wounds and cleansed of all negative states after a 30 count. This effect does not work on Undead, Lycanthropes or nonliving targets of any kind.
  • Zombie Moss - as Death Spore, but slain victims are turned into a Zombie for their next life.
  • Happy Grass - Enter this area and become Beneficent for the rest of this life.

These are, of course, only samples. Feel free to invent your own versions to harass your Questors!