Grudge-Worthy Enemies

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A Partial Collection of Ancient Foes Who have Earned Our Eternal Hatred and thus are entered into the Book of Grudges for All Time.
  • Corrosion Beasts! Anything that eats metal and gold is a natural enemy of Dwarvenkind.
  • Dark Elves! No curse exists to describe the depth of our Grudge against our most ancient and visceral foes. Slay them on sight, for they are sure to return the favor.
  • Goblins! How we loathe these pathetic cowardly back-stabbers! Offer no mercy!
  • Hill Giants! Best tackled with a regiment of siege weapons from afar, Giants are no laughing matter!
  • Medusa! No Dwarf is safe where a Medusa is free to roam. It is our duty to rid the Dark of this blight!
  • Minotaurs! Show the Bull-Men no quarter in their lair, though some are more civilized than others - one look in their eyes will tell you all you need to know.
  • Orcs! Only the Greenskin Horde comes close to rivaling the sheer might of our Armies. Take every chance to disrupt and destroy Orcish fortifications!
  • Scalor! When Mountain meets the Sea, the Fish-Men appear in droves, eager to feast on our flesh. Put a quick end to these brutes or end up as fish food.
  • Skirit! A new threat to our realms, but no less Grudgeworthy than the Goblins. The Rat-Men are poisonous and their dens are a threat to our safety.
  • Troglodytes! The stench is the first tell-tale sign of Troglodyte incursion. Kill them at range or end up smelling like dead fish for months to come.
  • Trolls! No. Just ... no. You know what to do, children. Put them out of our misery while you are able.