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Baron Sir Shotgun von Loin of Nine Willows, Golden Plains

Shotgun's Company Heraldry
Home Park Nine Willows
Kingdom Golden Plains
Noble Title Baron
Belt Status Knight of the Serpent

"You interlope into my domain and dare to speak with such disrespect?

I will show you the power of the mind.... but not to worry....

I'm sure some of your parts will be worthy of salvage."


~ Shotgun at Nine Willows ~


Once killed an armored Knight of the Sword within his first month with a handfull of Magic Bolts at his first Clan battle game. During that same Clan, he nearly killed a Dragon during a quest with simul-cast Magic Bolts. Both of these acts earned him the nickname "Shotgun".

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Shotgun was squired to Saint Rothgar, Knight of the Flame, prior to his knighting.

Notable Accomplishments

Titles Earned

  • Baron - Awarded by Sir Otto VonMuller, King of the Golden Plains, June 2012
  • Bannerman of the Glade - Awarded by Sir Wretch, Duke of Nine Willows, May 2013

Positions Held