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Squire Natasha V FireClaw of Dragonspine


Natasha's Personal Heraldry
Home Park Dragonspine
Kingdom Dragonspine
Year Started 1999
Noble Title Countess/Baroness
Belt Status Squire


Enjoys Goggles. Does not like shaken Port-o-Potties. Has one lycanthrope son, Ryshad. And one Man-At-Arms via nobility, Koiasha....Apparently collects Lannings. One time at Midreign she managed to make her thumb bleed with cooked eggs.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

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Formerly paged to Squire Bear beneath Sir Lyvyndyr, but amicably split from belt line after the line retired from Amtgard.

Sir Lyvyndyr would like to say:

Natasha has developed into an amazing artisan and tremendous servant to Amtgard. While she has left Lyvyndyr's beltline (and rightly so, with both her Squire and his Knight inactive), she will be an invaluable, honorable member of another beltline, and will no doubt one day start her own. Her skills have progressed miles beyond what any Page would have, and she is deserving of an attentive, challenging and passionate Knight who will walk alongside her and advocate for her. She is loved and well-remembered by both Lyvyndyr and Bear, and will always be part of the Darkmoon Lineage. She is on a knight's path and will make them proud on the day she rises a Knight.

Notable Accomplishments

  • Order of the Steadfast Ally - Given by HRH Princess Liricia
  • DS Dragonmaster Fall 2010
  • Countess - Given by Queen Anabellee, November 2009
  • Regent- Dragonspine May 2009 - November 2009
  • Baroness - Given by Queen Emer I, July 2008
  • Prime Minister - Dragonspine, January 2008 - July 2008
  • Defender of the Black Dragon - Given by King Randall, January 2004

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