Metal Flight

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Metal Flight

”Cloppity cloppity clop.” "Metal Flight, go down... Terror from the skies"

Metal Flight banner


Metal Flight is a household of pegasii born of shenanigans at Rakis, 2010. The list of original members will vary depending on who you're talking to, since the official creed and members list was lost to the 2010 Clan flood.

Most of the rest is 20% above top secret.

Affiliated Groups


  • Cast Iron Eagle
  • Pewter Crow
  • Titanium Tern
  • Selenium Steve
  • Tungsten Dio
  • Plutonium Penguin
  • Hematite Hawk
  • Copper Condor
  • Quicksilver Cock
  • Nickel Hawk
  • Silver Sparrow
  • Osmium Owl