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Squire Ryshad FireClaw Stroke of Dragonspine

”You Lannings, always injuring yourselves.” -Randall


Ryshad's Personal Heraldry
Home Park Dragonspine
Kingdom Dragonspine
Year Started 2004
Belt Status Squire


Ryshad plays in the Kingdom of Dragonspine, and is responsible for bringing in an influx of newbies quite often(many of them don't stick around for a long time, but among the ones that did are Puggy, Little Raven and Morrza).

Ryshad makes things (among them a functioning trebuchet) and received an Owl for his efforts.

At Clan 2008 he joined the Wolfriders under Natasha V.F. Icepaw's bloodline.

In 2010 Ryshad became Azrael-Jade's squire.

Also an avid wearer of pants.

Flurb Bio

Ryshad is an elf who was raised by kenders who got turned into a werewolf who got turned into a vampire who shifts into a were-human.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

  • Guildmaster of Warriors April 2007 - October 2007
  • Dragonspine's best recruiter!

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