Nashomi the Silverwolf

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Nashomi's Heraldry
Home Park Burning Lands
Kingdom Burning Lands
Year Started Founding Member 1983
Noble Title Arch Duke
Belt Status Sword,Crown,Flame

Arch Duke Sir Nashomi the Silverwolf , Warlord of the Lands that Burn

”Be the Sword”

Nashomi's Heraldry


One of the original Amtgard members who holds a number of distinctions from early history. His first appearance (March 13th,1983), was at the Desert Fort Seige battle with Heimdale the Ha'valli. He was one of the founders of the first Kingdom, the Burning Lands.

One of the greatest warriors in Amtgard History, especially in the 1980s, where a case could be made for him being the best fighter during that decade.One of the original Amtgard members who holds a number of distinctions from the early history of Amtgard, First knighted on 10/22/83, and notably the compiler of the First Three Years project.

Nashomi was the founding member of the Wandering Unicorns.The Fourth King of the Burning Lands by Right of Arms.

HeimdaleNashobi.jpg Sir Heimdale (left) and Sir Nashomi (right) at the 30th Gathering of the Crowns.

Notable accomplishments

Affiliated Groups


  • The Wandering Unicorns
  • Founding member

Heimdale,Nashomi,Eric,Deth,Unknown Quest for the Ring of Power at Hueco Tanks (84)

  • The 4th company/household in Amtgard. Of the first 6 Monarchies, 3 were Unicorns. Of the first 4 Knights through combat skill, 3 were Unicorns. The first Prime Minister, and Grand Duke of Amtgard were all Unicorns. Of the 4 responsible for creating the Burning Lands, two were Unicorns. We were present at Clan I.
  • Allied to the Starquesting Dragons

Belted Family

Nashomi was Squired to Tawnee He has many notable squires including Aramithris and Charloc.

Extended Belted Family

Dame Lady Kalibria (5/4/85)

Sir M'Deth of Benden (5/4/85)

Notable Accomplishments

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