Hydra (Monster)

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Hydras are huge, usually reptilian, monsters invariably equipped with two or more heads. They are always vicious, hungry creatures, wreaking havoc upon their surroundings.
Dor Un Avathar X

Game Statistics

  • Silver sash
  • Grey scales.
  • Large tail for the Tail.
Requirements None
Monster Type Beast Multi-Player
Level Scenario
Power Rating Variable: 2 per head + 1 for the tail
Armor 3 (Natural) (Each player)
Shields None
Weapons Head: Short (Natural) Tail: Great (Natural)



  • The tail dies if all heads are dead at the same time.

Special Notes

  • Please see the General Monster Rules for additional traits and limitations of all Monsters.
  • There should be from two to eight heads and a single tail, each represented by a single player. Each head must remain within 20 feet of the tail at all times. If a magic or ability would cause them to move farther away, they stop at 20 feet. The tail counts as the respawn point for the heads.