House Silvermoon

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This group is dedicated to the Politics, Arts and Sciences of Amtgard.

This House uses the Green and Silver as a way of showing the envy others hold for us, and the shine we
put on all things we do in Amtgard. Some may see a supposed fighting company in the colors this house
uses, we do not mind them using our colors, and in fact applaud them for having such great taste.

However this Group is not without its defenses. The members of this house do have fighting skills
of their own and are not above the hiring of other people to do the "jobs" they so want to do.

If you have come to this group seeking to employ services
for eradicating enemies, please contact

Sabriel Soulweaver
[email protected]


house crest


formed-January, 2006
By Aries Darkthame


Colors: Green and Silver

      • Hunter Green and Silver...


  • The members of the house have been seen playing water bearer to many on field, even beyond its own members.
  • "House Silvermoon" successfully ran gate at Keep on the Borderlands II.
  • Often the house runs the merchant booth the Den of Acquisitions.


  • Alisdair Nystrom
  • Alu Master
  • Aries Darkthame
  • Atreides
  • Baronet Rabbit AssHat
  • Bertrice
  • Callisto Nightingale
  • CarrotTop
  • Chris Tarus
  • Cognostic Shaddowalker Fyrebringer
  • Countess Silverleaf Nar'Thoniel
  • Cyrus Kain
  • Dacre Dubane
  • Daemon Ruby Hanged Man Tree Samael Darksteel
  • Elliot Teach
  • Gargha Fangbeard
  • Glutton - Cory Allen
  • Godric Ravenyard
  • Grover Fields
  • Grr Argson
  • Ilya
  • Jeremiahh
  • Kaas MacCoill
  • Kento
  • Keyon Blackblade
  • Kiba Casanova
  • Lady Delphina Darkstorm
  • Lady Denim Psycho Kitty Dragons Blood Tree Dragon\'s Breath Opal Bastet Darksteel - House 2nd Neverwinter
  • Lady Kira Bloodgulch
  • Lady Lilika Bloodthorn
  • Lady Momma Bear Corvus
  • Lady Morgana
  • Lady Pryia Yo
  • Lazarus Fog
  • Leafbeard
  • Leona Wish - Silversmith Tal Dagore
  • Lexi
  • Lord Gale Ambrosius
  • Lord Master Valentine Laughingmoon Esqire
  • Lord Noodles
  • Lord Panikk Fyrebringer
  • Lord Tregod Galdrwrought
  • Luminaria Kamlyn
  • Madness
  • Malfesto
  • Miharu
  • Nostarian
  • Orochi Kong
  • Otnek
  • SirPoobah Nemoralis
  • Pyro Ross
  • Ravenfire
  • Riddle de Rat -Silversmith Neverwinter
  • Rin
  • Rune Brightblade
  • Rylind
  • Sabriel Soulweaver - Silversmith Rising Winds
  • Sarani
  • Sev Sunfury
  • Squee Mini Funrub Niketa Palm Tree the Mad Master of Giants and Monsters
  • Snuffle
  • Sparrow
  • Spice
  • Strife
  • Tenshi
  • Thalion
  • Thomas
  • Troll Verde
  • Typhus Kerux Deimos
  • Ulhric The Painted
  • Ulvich Tsume
  • Virexx
  • Vorak Armenoc Utvara
  • Wraith
  • Zale

Members of "House Silvermoon" include all members of the Fighting Company,
Dagger of the Silver Moon, as well as friends and supporters to the company.