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Lord, Aries Darkthame, of Phoenix Tears, The Kingdom of Tal Dagore

"Andres so cool, hes like my idol, Gods single greatest gift to Amtgard and all mankind. Hail Andre the illustrious king of the universe!"
"Pulse is the sexiest member of Phoenix Tears"



Former member of Dragon's Tale, Aries is now a current member of Phoenix Tears.
He once looked up to Andre of Dragon's Tale but found the real gift to mankind in his now current park.
Striving to be not just another "fair skinned, blonde, polish, emo boy;" he looks to Pulse for guidance in his Amtgard career.
With the help of Andre and Pulse, Aries will become the next big thing in Tal Dagore.
You know, after Andre and Pulse.

Group Affiliations:

Belted Family

I'm going to do it myself!

Notable Accomplishments


      Lord - Given by Squire Andre Merick, July 2011
Esquire - Given by Lord Aaross the Blind, March 2007

Positions Held:

Baron of The Dragon's Tale, March 2007 - September 2007
Champion of The Dragon's Tale, March 2010 - September 2010


Master Assassin - Given by Muad Dib Diablo, March 2007

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