Grand Duchy

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Grand Duchy

A Chapter delineation requiring around 75 players.

What is it?

In many places, like Neverwinter and Blackspire a 'Grand Duchy' is another word for principality. In others it is or was thought to be another term for Kingdom.

Powers of a Grand Duchy


Listing of Grand Duchies

-Grand Duchy of Stormhaven (BS)

-Grand Duchy of Dragonvale (Westmarch)

Defunct Grand Duchies

-Grand Duchy of Bara-Duin

Trivia about Grand Duchies

The first Grand Duchy ever was Barad Duin in Central Texas, the first kingdom style group after the Burning Lands. After a history too long to relate here, the people of Barad Duin formed their own game, called HFS.

Glen on Grand Duchies in Neverwinter

In Neverwinter, a "Grand Duchy" (we don't have 'Principalities") is a group that is sufficiently large to be it's own Kingdom but that is within the borders of Neverwinter (we're a floating crown). A Grand Duchy can give awards up to 8th (9th and 10th are the province of the Kingdom). A Grand Duchy also pays 30% of their dues in taxes to the Kingdom, versus 20% for a Duchy. Finally, you get better titles for leaving office. Grand Duke gets Count, Chancellor gets Baron, Regent gets Baronet, and Champion gets Lord. All in all, it's mainly done because the people in power want cooler titles and bragging rights, in my opinion. I wish we were only a Duchy, so I could keep more of our money.

Phocion on Grand Duchies in Dragonspine

Grand duchies/principalities can do everything but knight people, qualify them for Masterhood, and give them masterhood. 10th level orders of anything, knighting, and masterhoods are the sole province of a Kingdom. You can have (and are encouraged to collect) sub-lands, as proof that you may one day be a viable kingdom. At least, thats how it is down here in DS.

Martello on Grand Duchies in the Emerald Hills

The former EH principality (Borderlands) was allowed 10th orders, was not allowed knighting, and I'm not sure on masterhoods, but I suspect it was allowed.

Two of our Duchies (Midnight Sun and Eagleshire) have been referred to as Grand Duchies in the past, but if that ever had a meaning, it's lost, as far as I can tell.