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A defunct shire of the Emerald Hills, located in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The Confederacy of Dreadmoor
Heraldry for the chapter of five banners, designed by ?????


Maccalus, Jayden, and Bladeshadow started holding fighter practices in October 2007 and formally signed a contract with Amtgard, Inc. as "the Freehold of Five Banners" the following month. The Freehold was established partly as a personal memorial to Maccalus' old friend from the Golden Plains, Dustin Darkenmane, who passed away in 1995. Five Banners hosted its first major event, the Bungle In the Jungle, in Stroud, OK, during the May 30, 2008 to June 1, 2008 weekend.

Five Banners Was accepted as a petitioning chapter of the Emerald Hills in December 2008. In August 2009 the chapter moved to Haikey Creek Park. On October 10th, 2009, Five Banners officially became part of Emerald Hills, signing their contract at Banner Wars X.

Around mid 2012 Five Banners has officially dissolved and merged with Red Storm chapter in Tulsa, OK.

Chiefs of the Freehold
Shamans of the Freehold
War Chiefs of the Freehold
Speakers of the Freehold

Oddities when it was a Freehold

(We have since become part of Emerald Hills, but like to keep this record of our Founding Journey into Amtgard)

There were several unique aspects of our Freehold:

  • Even though it is a Freehold, Five Banners wrote and passed its own Corpora in 2008. Since all Freeholds technically fall under the corpora of the Burning Lands, the Five Banners corpora specifies that the Amtgard rules of play and the corpora of the Burning Lands will always take precedence if any conflicts should arise.
  • The Freehold's corpora established a youth organization called The Sixth Banner, formed as a local guild to allow minors below the age of 14 to hold their own separate battlegames-- and to provide young people in Amtgard with a voice in Freehold affairs.
  • The Freehold's corpora also proposed the formation of a The Circle of Nations, or loose alliance of Freeholds in the central United States which would come together for purposes of hosting joint events and promoting Amtgard in this part of the country. The Circle of Nations is not an attempt to pool numbers for determining the size or status of our lands; it's strictly intended to promote the sport and create a bond between several distant and farflung freeholds, in an area which otherwise lacks a significant Amtgard presence. To date, several Freeholds have expressed an interest in the idea, but the Circle has yet to become a reality.The Circle of Nations has been realized and is slowly becoming the Confederacy of Dreadmoor.


Contacts and Directions

Met at Haikey Creek Park, located at the intersection of 121st st south and south garnett road. Park times were 1pm on sundays and 6pm on tuesdays. We gathered beneath the big group of trees just to the right of the road-- go all the way past the basketball courts and turn into the big parking lot at the back of the park. If you don't see us just before you turn into that lot, check the Labyrinth or the woods behind the playground-- we'll be around somewhere nearby. We kept the calendar at our Yahoo! group reasonably up-to-date, so please check there for specific event information.