The Bungle In the Jungle

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An annual Event hosted by the chapter of Five Banners.


What It Is

We've tried really hard to balance the roleplaying and fighting aspects of the game so that this event truly has something for everyone. Quests and battlegames are typically scheduled for all three days of the event, with a Youth Quest for minors held Saturday morning and a Plunder Tourney Saturday afternoon. We've also made an effort to include a little cultural color with events like a drum circle, a storytelling contest (a wagering game played with poker chips), and a Pun Tourney. In the past this has been held as a free event with 2 meals provided on Saturday-- hopefully the group treasury will allow this tradition of largesse to continue.

Where It Is

The event is currently held in Stroud, OK, at the site of the old King Arthur Faire.

When It Is

Held annually in May.

Event History

Created by Five Banners' first Chief, Maccalus Caerwent Ex, to celebrate his midreign in 2008.

Annual Recap
  • 2008 : Well-attended for a Freehold's first major event, with delegations from Storm Grove, Stilled Waters, and Midnight Rain in attendance. Unfortunately, the heat and humidity were oppressive-- mid-90's with high humidity-- and all planned events for Sunday were rained out under a tornado warning. Since this was our first big event, there were also some important lessons learned... but all in all, the event was a qualified success for our young land. An archived copy of the event flyer can be found here.