Malran Singollo

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Baron, Squire Malran Singollo, of Red Storm (Oklahoma), Emerald Hills

”Fight well and leave a good looking corpse...that is, of course, if your opponent was good looking.”


Malran at EH midreign 42.


Having immigrated from the SCA many years ago, Malran has set his sights on promotion of the arts and sciences in the Kingdom of The Emerald Hills and the Confederacy of Dreadmoor. To this end, he formed the House Singollo. Since those early days he has served kingdom, confederacy and park in a variety of offices.

Malran, the character, is an exile from the elven lands. The House of Singollo was expelled from the elven council because they had become "too thin of blood", referring to the house's penchant for human mates. Malran, himself, is a half elf with a bit more of his father's human heritage than his mothers or as his friend, Tigerhawk, once said...More Santa than Legolas. In recent years, he had made overtures of the elven council for readmission of his house.

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