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Baron Ghosttiger, of the Shire of Red Storm (Oklahoma)

"...And that's what people expect you to do."


Ghosttiger Mavor'shir is the 4th son of House Mavor'shir the 5th house of Endithall.

House Mavor'shir has been on the ruling council of Endithall for most of matron Rayness' 562 years. Rayness was a malicious matron, but one who was very productive in having children, between having 7 daughters and 4 sons.

Since graduating the academy, Ghosttiger had been involved in the destruction of 2 houses, helping to propel their house up to 5th. Being a low ranking noble male his oldest brother, the house wizard, and 2nd boy being house weapon master, Ghosttiger's role during house assaults was to lead the house slaves(a.k.a. Cannon fodder) into the courtyard of the other houses, to set off wards and fight the first wave of defenders. Through forethought and planning his usually thankless job became one of praise, as he used sleep poison on many of the other houses' bigger monstrous slaves. Capturing 2 minotaurs, and 6 ogres, as well as 1 illithid. Now under the control of his house.

While the house sat quietly watching two other houses wage war one night, Ghosttiger slipped off to pay a visit to see Arethan the third Daughter of house Nomvert, the second house in the city. She had called upon him several times since their graduation ceremony's from their respected academies. On this night however, while he was lying with Arethan in her chambers, House Sataki the first house of the city secretly used the cover of the house war to ambush house Mavor'shir. Once the attack had started on his house the Matron Mother of house Nomvert entered the room and started chanting. Instantly Ghosttiger moved for his long swords, hurling one at the matron mother while burying the other in the chest of his former lover. The Matron managed to dodge the thrown sword but it was enough to interrupt her spell. She recovered in a moment, but it was a moment to late. As Ghosttiger retrieved his thrown long sword he reached down and grabbed the matrons house insignia and activated the Invisibility spell on his own insignia, so as to move unseen through the house and into the streets. It was then that Ghosttiger remembered that he left his dagger protruding from the matron's throat.

As he ran unseen through the streets of Endithall he could see the explosions of fireballs and lightning bolts in the area of his home. As he neared it he could see creatures of another plane raining down destruction upon his home. Before he could even get within a hundred yards of the courtyard the pillar that was his home was shattered. He stood stunned in the streets staring at the rubble that once served as his home. He watched in stunned disbelief as the city's Arch wizard, a member of house Sataki floated back to their house. He stayed in the streets as the demons destroyed all traces of the invading armies dead and turned away only when his mother's corpse was ripped apart. Having no proof of who attacked his house, only that house Sataki was involved somehow.

Ghosttiger fled knowing that there was no solace in the underdark, he made his way to the surface and the blinding rays of that great orb in the sky. By the time he reached the surface he was weak and weary from lack of rest and food. Having almost nothing in the way of equipment he took stock of what he had. As far as weapons went only his two long swords, his armor was somewhere beneath the rubble that was his home. The only thing he had that wasn't a necessity was the matrons house insignia, which he knew by now they were tracking him through magic with. “Let them come.” he said. “Let them finish the job.” He knew if they found him like this he would be too weak to fight them.

As the sun set that evening he heard the sound of someone approaching, but not from the caves. Stepping out of the shadows, he noticed an odd man talking to himself. Ghosttiger watched as the man set snares and then went to the creek to bathe. Ghosttiger crept closer to the odd man, heading straight to the water skin he had left hanging on a low tree branch. After stealing the skin and taking a few drinks he was about to leave with his prize, when he noticed two men, one armed with a short sword and the other with a crossbow sneaking on the unsuspecting bather. The swordsman crawled forward while the crossbowman loaded his weapon. Having just been helpless to aid his own family he knew he could get some frustration out on these two fools.

Ghosttiger sprang into action running for the creek, once again launching one sword at the crossbowman. This time however his aim was true. Leaping into the air only to spring off of the back of the bathing man to finish the distance to the other side of the creek. He went straight at the other assailant. The small portly man with the short sword rose up in time to block the first swing. Either this man was good with his sword or the condition of Ghosttiger was worse than he thought, but several shots into the fight and not one had landed. The portly man,starting to feel confident, pressed his advantage and to his delight the dark one slipped on a walnut that had fallen from the tree. Ghosttiger used the mans confidence against him and kicked out from his prone position and hit the man in the kneecap. As the portly man dropped to his knees he felt a sharp pain in his chest, he looked down to see the tip of the longsword going into his chest. As he looked back up the last thing he saw in this world was the white hair and black face of a dark elf.

Ghosttiger gathered up his sword, looked at the broken crossbow, and went to loot the portly corpse. He found himself looking at the man from the creek who was staring at the dead body. The odd man started to speak, but the language was unfamiliar to Ghosttiger. The odd man followed Ghosttiger back across the creek still trying to communicate, Ghosttiger just ignored him. Eventually the man just grabbed him and spun him around, when that happened his cowl slipped off of his head and the odd mans eyes went wide in fright.

Knowing that this dark elf had probably just saved his life he continually tried different dialects trying to thank his savior. All seemed hopeless until he watched this dark elf take another drink from his water skin. The man looked over and noticed that he had captured a rabbit and 2 squirrels in his snares, he offered the rabbit to the dark elf.

Ghosttiger accepted the animal and broke its neck. He looked up to see the man waving him to follow. Not sensing any threat he did. Along the way Ghosttiger gathered up sticks to start a fire once he got to their destination. The odd man soon led him to an encampment. Seeing many people in the encampment ,Ghosttiger refused to go in. Instead he backed up and tried to find a place to light his fire, and prayed to the spider queen that this thing would not kill him as he ate it. The odd man returned later and tried to speak again, getting frustrated at the attempts Ghosttiger tried something, he knew a bit of surface elvish so when he said “What?” in surface elf. The man was momentarily stunned. Communication was hard at first because Ghosttiger only spoke enough surface elven to hurl curses, and ask for priestesses. Eventually Ghosttiger understood the man was offering to feed him and pay him in exchange for protecting the cargo of the caravan. “So he is a trader.” Ghosttiger thought to himself. This may be the thing I need to outfit myself for my return trip and my revenge.

So for eight months Ghosttiger traveled with the caravan, never truly with but alongside. Never staying in it at night, but again alongside. He had purchased two short swords, a bow,a dozen arrows and a chockram from the trader, from the money he made.

Affiliated Groups

Notable Accomplishments

  • Baron.
  • PM of the Emerald Hills