Dragon's Forge

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Amtgard Chapter
Dragon's Forge.jpg
Dragon's Forge
Kingdom Blackspire
Status Duchy
City Oregon City
Park Clackamette Park
Meets on Sunday @12pm
Founded May 2015

Dragon's Forge, a Barony of the Kingdom of Blackspire in Oregon City, OR


Dragon's Forge originated as Sapphire Shores, and used to meet in Oregon City, at Clackamette Park. Then we moved on to Meldrum Bar Park, in Gladstone, where the name of the holding was changed to Dragon's Forge. Since then we have moved back to Oregon City, at Rivercrest Park. As of November 2009, the holding moved back to it's original location at Clackamette, while keeping the name Dragon's Forge.

Additional Information

Dragon's Forge meets every Sunday from noon-dark at Clackamette Park in Oregon City. Directions can be found at the bottom of this page. In the case of a Kingdom event, numbers might be lower, or nobody could be there at all, so it would be a good idea to contact someone and see if anyone is showing up that day. On occasion, such as during quests, we meet at Meldrum Bar Park in Gladstone. So come and fight, have some fun, swing some stick.

If it has to do with Amtgard, you will find people with those interests, there's something for everyone here. We're a decent sized holding with a good park and we love visitors. Stop by and have fun.

Our heraldry is a blue dragon's bust on a white background.


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We meet on Sundays at 12 - 12:30pm in Clackamette.(Clackamette Park 1955 Clackamette Dr Oregon City, OR)

Google maps.png - Normal meeting area, Clackamette Park

Google maps.png - Googlemap with streetview of meeting area for Meldrum bar.

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