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in the order they were asked:

yes. 5-10

Sunday, 12:00

Clackamette Park 1955 Clackamette Drive, Oregon City, Oregon

Leaders are Myself (pungkow) as PM, Stitches as Regent, Abraxos as Champion and Pat as Holder. I don't have permission from them to include contact info for all of them, but they're all on the facebook group. My phone number is 503-334-8285 and is listed on the ORK.

Heraldry is a blue dragon bust on a white background. It's currently already on our wiki page.

No, we don't have a recent group photo, but can try to take one with as many of our members if you'd like.

Here is a picture of me wearing a Tabard with our heraldry. We still have this Tabard, but I no longer wear it.

Don't know that one, sorry.

No, we tend towards standard sparring/ditching/rezzing and battlegames.

maling list: [email protected]

facebook group:

No :(

Nothing at the moment, but plans are in motion including creating and distributing flyers locally. There is always word of mouth though, and we're visible to lots of foot traffic and often get interested people coming to try it out or watch.

NOthing particularly interesting has happened recently, unless you want to note that we went inactive for roughly 6 months, then after reforming at Meldrum Bar Park, and only recently moved back to Clackamette. We've had a lot of switches from/to Meldrum Bar and Clackamette due to people seeing one park as more fit over the other for various reasons.