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Royal Sorcerer, Anix Runeweaver, of Dragons Forge, Kingdom of Blackspire.

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Anix Runeweaver
Home Park Dragons Forge
Kingdom Blackspire
Year Started 2008
Noble Title Lord
Belt Status Squire


Anix was born into Amtgardia in the spring of 2008 where he primarily resided in the Duchy of the Frostlands.

Not too much of a ready read book smart like type he generally hit things and threw rocks and was known as a bit of a barbarian around the Frostlands, but not much else. He would pick things up, and set them down. Not much else to the simpleton except he loved to cook.

One day while on a walk throwing stones across the Fox River, Anix came across a strange quicksilver substance flowing from the root of a tree on the riverside, which he found was flowing throughout the grounds of the Frostlands. He decided to take some home to play with and experiment. It did some weird things, explosions and shocks, whispers, and wind, for a few days he wandered aimlessly not remembering who or what he was, or wasn't? The last part wasn't unusual but this substance was playing with his mind, but could he control it? This would be the trick.

He gathered more ingredients to make a brew; the blood of his enemies, tears from an infant, some muddy green juice from Krubd's cavern tavern, 1 gallon of freshly brewed Frostland frost (squeezed from the years first frost), a 100 year old bardic trapped in a bottle, 3 chips of zombie skin, the blessing of an earth elemental, a D'jarum Clove cigarette, the goopy quicksilver substance, and prune Juice. The ingredients were then muddled together, and was buried in the center of a battlefield until Doomdsday was cast, and then let set to dry in the white light of healing until pure, it was bottled in elvish glass.

Anix then waited until the next moon cycle was come to an end, and he drank the concoction while bathing in the blood of a dragon. Nothing happened, it tasted like crap. A few weeks went by with nothing, at most it gave him gas... but then one very normal night Anix woke middle of the night gasping for air, trying to scream from pain but could not. There was light shining through every part of him as he began to rise off the ground. After about 60 seconds of this and intense pain, he instantly dropped and passed out from shock.

When Anix woke the world had changed, once dull colors and sharp shapes were now explosions of color and round smooth cartoon like, the world was waving, pulsating, vibrating, it felt as if every inanimate thing was alive and he felt as if he were a part of it. His skin was hot, but his breath was cold.

This all was a bit much and he started to panic, running through the woods tripping over rocks and roots he startled a bear which then started chasing him. As he looked back the monster was getting closer and closer. Panic quickly set in, Anix knew he was dead for sure.

Suddenly he was stopped in his tracks and could not move. He tried to look but then a scrawny blonde haired fellow wearing black and white with a black tower symbol of his chest walked in front of him and said, "huh... you have a weird glow. Do you intend to harm me?" Anix couldn't speak, so he waved his eyes left to right quickly. The man laughed and looked Anix up and down and said "Okay, you are unarmed." Then most of Anix's body was released, he still could not move his feet. He looked back quickly to see the bear too was stopped in his tracks.

The man stated, "Balidar, Balidar, Balidar, what am I to do with you? You keep trying to eat people and I told you not too."

He then waved his hands like a dance, and the bear started to bubble and stretch and shrink, then it completely sunk down to become a naked man kneeling on the ground. It was a Wearbear! The man that rose up had a tall stature and strong appearance, and was a redhead. The scrawny man threw clothes baring the same black tower at him out of the bag he was carrying and yelled "Hell man! Put on some clothes! What were you doing?"

Balidar replied "You really need to lighten up Vitalen I was just having a bit of fun! I wasn't going to eat him he doesn't even look appetizing let alone filling."

Vitalen swung back, "And you! What is wrong with you? Are you some sort of man-fairy hybrid? Your glow is of dark and light you stink of fairy and look like a weak manchild!"

Anix - "I uuuh.."

Vitalen - "Don't answer that, you're clearly a magic user but a dumb one at that. Show me your greatest spell!"

Anix - "I'm not a magic user."

Vitalen - "ha! Takes a magic user to know a magic user, you wreak of magic come on now let's see it!"

Anix points his finger at a rock and concentrates hard and yells "lift up! ... and stuff.."

Vitalens face washed away all emotion, as Balidar laughed furiously in the back. And he asked while laughing so hard he was crying, "Takes magic to know magic?"

Anix starts mumbling something about not knowing blah blah but then itches his head and sparks and little lightning bolts fly from his fingers and hair.

Vitalen brightened up! "There! There! Right there!"

Anix was confused as he missed it all,

Vitalen yelled "rub your hands together!"

Anix - "Okay?"

Anix then rubbed his hands together and seen the sparks and lightning. As he rubbed them together faster more sparks were produced. He was shocked and looked at Vitalen and smiled. This is when Anix realized that he was in fact filled with the power of magic.

And so Anix began to travel with his 2 newly found friends learning to control his magic which apparently came more naturally then most. He could spit fire, produce lighting from his finger tips and breath the cold frost of the winter, and could control the limbs and roots of the trees. But from watching Vitalen, there was much more he could learn. Vitalen and Balidar approached him one morning with a tunic like theirs white and black baring the symbol of The Brotherhood of Dark Tower.

He was a hard worker but liked to have fun and goof off a bit so in turn he joined The Brotherhood of Dark Tower in the early summer of 2011. Became a brother after the 6-week qualification, quickly became a trusted leader in the company, and was after 7 months of hard work, and commitment to the company he was promoted to the position Sergeant. The company continued to grow more and more, and he later rose to the ranks of Magus Commander! A position held equally at the top of the company ranks amongst its Battle Commander. During the time of his reign as Magus Commander he rallied brothers and sisters from his company spanning across the Kingdom of Polaris to rewrite the bylaws of the company.

Anix continued to practice magic, and consequently one day delved into a realm in which he was ill-prepared. Traveling through the aether is said to be something that is a different experience for each individual, Anix was thrown to a realm that had presented doors, and between those doors mirrors of quicksilver.

As anix approached one of the doors, his eye was drawn to the quicksilver, it reflected him, but it was not him, at first it was, but then the reflection stood tall with a creepy smile and waved! Anix jumped nearly out of his shoes! *$^#&@* @^&$^$!!!!

Anix observed the other him for a minute pacing back and forth, his "shadow" was a bit of a trickster, poking fun at his observation. The mirror image of him had a bit of a black steam radiating from him, and when he looked closely at his eyes they were red and blue, and his teeth sharp. Although it did not appear he could cross the quicksilver plain. Good, so Anix moved on.

When he opened the gateway to this new realm, things were nice, he proceeded with caution, but then at the doorway, he seen a beautiful maiden, with long blonde hair and an incredible smile. He then approached quickly to say hello, he must know her name! They talked for hours and walked as she led the way through thus new realm. She was wonderful! They arrived at this intricately designed gate, then she asked, if you wish to be with me forever walk through this gate and seal your fate. Anix did not hesitate to walk through that gate.

This was his biggest mistake, lured by a succubus, for a long span of time Anix was trapped in the realms of chaos being tortured, unable to exit the grip of magic that held him away from getting back to Amtgardia. This moment in time that spanned over 3 years.

One night he was finally able to escape its clutches, only to be brought back in the moments after the passing of a once great mentor Ursa Durgrim in the fall of 2017.

He heard the call of the succubus, and like a fool full of emotion he went back, when he got there much was different, the succubus was gone and the realm had become that of chaos, or did he even go through the same door? Who knows but now he was again trapped in a plain much different from his own, or so he thought.

Things in the chaos realm got very weird, cats were mooing, and cows were clucking, the sun stopped going down and the moon kept cycling. Sometimes his magic would work other times it wouldn't. But still opening a new gateway from inside this realm seemed impossible. Nights with nightmares of coughing and screaming, people held in cells, and forced to wear masks and collared around like dogs. Some days he couldn't tell if he was asleep or if the world was still throwing its nonsense and flurries of chaos at him harder yet. But things around the realm began to change, back to normal? Places he had seen before began to populate in this realm, ghosts of people he knew were there, but they would fade away as soon as he tried to hug them, or talk to them, like dust in the wind.

In the meantime, Amtgardia was too falling into chaos, little did Anix know, the two worlds were on course to crash right into each other, and it was as imminent as 2 black holes at the point of converging. One morning Anix woke, the stillness of the air was gone, and noises around him filled his ears unlike the years previous stuck in this hell. What was going on? he began to wander, and again going up to a random stranger, he hugged them. Wait what? YES! He hugged them! But how could he be back again? This was incredible! he held the person by their shoulders at arm's length, and yelled, "YES! I'm back! I'm alive!" the person gave a weird look, and stated, "yes? you are?" Anix smiled, and gave the person a big ole kiss, and then ran off! It appeared that the world's had finally clashed. On the 18th day in 3rd month of the year 2020 reality in Amtgardia was now 1 in the same with the reality of the chaos realm .

A sickness rose throughout the lands, during the year, and maybe more, people became distant, and would run the other direction in a hurry, never getting more than 6 feet from each other. Some protected themselves with masks to try and fend off this plague, but still many died. In the year 2021 still in the middle of the deadly plague of mouth breathers Amtgardians fought hard against the evil forces brought to the world and this disease slowly, and gradually started to dissipate.

When the world's converged, Anix had not known where in the world he was. After searching for a time, he found out he was in the Kingdom of Blackspire! According to the Amtgardian Atlas he was many, many, miles away from home. However, he was well met by the people of the Mystic Seas, he travelled through all the land in the kingdom, and made a name for himself the people laughed and giggled at his funny accent, and hilarious laugh, but he decided to stay.

A long time without people by his side, being alone became a comfort, Anix no longer wears the Dark Tower, he tore it from his chest, as news that the men and women he fought with were no longer. So, with no brothers or sisters to drink with, he no longer follows their creed, he is no longer a mercenary for hire, now he now fights as a lone wolf causing a little bit of chaos of his own.

For a while that is...

The lands were filled with an army of Black and Yellow, he quickly became friends with a great number of people of this clan. It was here where he found a great mentor, and friend, Sir Lady Green interests of the crafty sorts gave them much to talk about, and her large hair male companion who they called the "Big Mac" was always kind, yet had an ass that was smart, they too became good friends. Not too much later after their acquaintance, Anix accepted the honors of being Squired to Sir Lady Green in late June of 2021.

After becoming well known in in the magical sense, he decided to take on a last name of his own, Runeweaver, on the 22nd Day of October in the year of 2021, making him Anix Runeweaver, caster of magical chaos, and the weaver of runes.

Blackspire is great and all, however Anix felt that the King Theory did not belong sitting on the throne. So, he plotted against him and waited for the perfect time to strike. He gathered a couple men for the job, Klar the Turtle, and Paragon Assassin Lord Spud. On the night of the 19th day of February in the year of 2022, they brought chaos back down to the realm, and assassinated King Theory Nolis.

Anix went down in the assassination as well, the kings guard were not slow with their blades on this day, but not so accurate either, with this the kingdom will find, that death suits Anix well, as it's grasp never seems to hold strongly.

After hours of his lifeless body had been stepped on, and eventually kicked to the side, it is rumored that some cloaked figure was seen dragging his body into the woods.

The rumors were found to have grounds of reality, as he had now gone after a sheriff of Northern Lights, but why? This wizard must be going mad, truly insane, both in body and brain, killing anything in site from the lands of Iron Keep all the way up to The Kingdom of the Viridian Outlands, and even after being slain in the forest of Obsidian Grove for his crimes, he was dragged to the roots of Gargothanoon and brought back to life once again. The evil that is afoot these days is not an evil to be trifled with! He has now taken shelter amongst the people of Dragons Forge in effort to gather large forces, a group which has accepted his chaotic ways and made him their champion. Rumors are, a war is upon us, this year's annual PAC War has been driven into chaos, our world is now getting over ran with monsters from worlds unknown to the common folk, and Anix is making a game of it, laughing "heee heeeeeee!!! hee heeee heeee!" as the kingdom begins to crumble and panic spreads through its once peaceful lands.

Though some were unable to side with this chaos, others amongst the Blackspire Kingdom Monarchy, either out of fear, or madness of their own bestowed upon Anix Runeweaver his title of Lord on the 18th day of June in 2022, making him Lord Anix Runeweaver!

Now the Pacific War was ahead, now with his new title he must lead the mages and the warriors and these bloody damned pirates of the West valiantly into the folds of battle the drums rolled fiercely and into the jungle we went.

When we emerged their was too much magic to measure, an overload of the system had Anix's vision twisted. But for some reason after years of torment and trembling blurring madness the wizard of chaos had found a new balanced flow state, one in which he thrived in with his hands he pushed and with the power of death in his hands he smiled any foe that crossed him.

The War was done gone a thing of the past and come to an end and in the celebrations of victory the kingdom had thought Lord Anix had performed so well as a Wizard he was made Paragon by the Hand of King Sirex Sunheart, and now to be later known as, and approved by Queen Cat Viserion Tendragon herself, Royal Sorcerer Anix Runeweaver. He was showered with awards and so were his people. It was truly a joyous occasion.

It is rumored that Anix has since closed the gates to the chaos realm and has sealed himself in, hoping to emerge on the other side a different reality. Something, something, M.A.M.E., flying red chicken.

Belt Line

Past Belt Line: Was previously Man at Arms to Lord Agustus of the Empire of the Iron Mountains.

Notable Accomplishments

Paragon Wizard (9/3/22)

Combined the 2 titles, Lord and Paragon, after I received my paragon wizard to create a unique title, Royal Sorcerer, Approved by Queen of Blackspire Cat Viserion Tendragon.

Title of Lord (6/18/22)

PAC War 2022 Autocrat

Duke (Dragons Forge) 9/11/22-Present.

Champion (Dragons Forge) 5/1/22- 9/11/22

Chancellor (The Mystic Seas) 5/21-11/21

Appointed Magus Commander for The Brotherhood of Dark Tower, 08/27/2014.

Duke (Frost Lands), 2/12 - 8/12

Champion (Frost Lands), 11/11 - 2/12

Prime Minister (Frost Lands), 5/11 - 11/11

More Information

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