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Esquire Squire Opikuningham of Dragon's Forge, Blackspire


"Always high cross!"

"Poncho Bob ate too many god damn cheeseburgers."

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Beginning his Amtgard Career in 2002 in Dragons Forge, formally the Valley of the Silver Reigns, now part of Dragons Forge, he currently is working on becoming a Sword Knight and Serpent Knight and actively promotes cross gaming through various LARPS such as Belegarth, SCA and Dagohir.

In 2004, he was granted his Squire's belt through Sir Delf Nicademus Longshadow. Over many breaks due to school, military and career life, Squire Opi works to make cross gaming an essential part in the development of Amtgardians careers as well as promote the general welfare of each game.

Affiliated Groups

The Harbingers Founder - Position: Leader

Church of the True Brew - Position: Member

Shield-Shop - Position: Volunteer

Belted Line

Currently Squire to Sir Nicademus.

Notable Accomplishments

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