Belial Peaks

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Amtgard Chapter
Belial Peaks

The Kingdom of Westmarch

Status Shire
City Brentwood, California
Park Crockett Park
Meets on Every Saturday, 12pm
Founded 2015
Active Active


A shire in Westmarch founded in early 2015, officially chartered as of April 2, 2015.

Legend tells of the White Smith who makes his home here. He is a mysterious smith, adorned in shimmering armor that shines with the white heat of the summer sun. From atop the mountain he bestows masterwork weapons, armor, and items of great power to only the most worthy. Few have seen him, even fewer have been bestowed his gifts.

Notable Quotations



  • Sheriff - Cayden Donnely
  • Regent - Niamh the Shadowsong
  • Prime Minister - Dash
  • Champion - Thomas the Bold
  • Guildmaster of Reeves - None elected

Everyone Else

Aella Amphesus Wolf Anselmo Aquila Aridale Arya
Atlas Aurora Autumn the Small Avalestia Baang Black Dragon
Black Tiger Coco Codius Beardius Dak Olsen Dave Duncan
Edgear Eloch Emily Hester Fiona Fairweather Fiske the Kid General Caddock
Greige Halavere Hastings Jiggly the Puff Krytor Lilith
Luna Jinxx Maxis Darkfox Moegrall Newt Q Quil
Reaghan Red Squill Rellion Ironthorn Ren Noboyuki Rhomuis Rinneon
Rog'Nog Serenity Squeaks Taryn Wildblood Tim the Warrior Tiquara Wolfsbane
Tozzle Velstat White Tiger Wildul Wolfclaw Zant

Contacts and Directions

Our current park location is Crockett Park in Oakley California.

To contact our prime minister, go to our Facebook page and send a message to Broderick Cross.

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