Rellion Ironthorn

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Lord Rellion Ironthorne, of Belial Peaks, Westmarch



Rellion started his Amtgard career in the (then) Duchy of Thor's Refuge in Sacramento CA, and then moved down to Sun's Haven in Phoenix AZ. Since moving to Phoenix, Rellion has become a fixture of the park, and his skill on the field is in the top tier. Rellion's love for Amtgard led him to bring the game into his professional life, introducing it as a program that he built from the ground up at the Boys and Girls Club where he works.

Rellion is a beacon of positivism and enthusiasm at the park, a friend to every Amtgarder. Most recently, he has stepped into helping the park more formally, taking on the role of Champion to ensure good times for all members.

Affiliated Groups

Wolves of Valor
Bloodmoon's Tear
House Ansgar

Belted Family

Formerly belted to Baron Saul Dufresne (MaA)

Notable Accomplishments

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