Spring War 2008

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Spring War 15:The Academy of Wars

During the 2007 and 08 writer's strike an idea was conceived. To bring battles from our favorite movies to the "Big Screen".


Those responsible

The Celestial Kingdom; In Association with The Wynd/Clover Production Company

Limited Release Date: March 19-23rd Being shown at Fireman's Park in Giddings, Texas Only!

Gate Fee: $25

Spring War: Academy of Wars the largest Amtgard event, was hosted by the Celestial Kingdom in Giddings, Texas. The attendance topped last year's event and approached the 2006 total; reaching, at the last available count, the 640s. People traveled from all over the Amtworld to attend, with the longest traveling delegation coming from Alaska's and Dragonspine's Astral Winds. Many previously inactive notables were present including Ivar Nefarious and Skippy. Some, like Michael were greatly missed. Thanks go out to the group that made the trip down from the Frostlands; who despite their long drive to the event were seen helping out where ever they could.

The majority of the planned battles came off well, with the possible exception of the Raid on Tortuga. Mass spells and Water rules were used in a combination with pvc boats and a Kraken, which lead to a lot of confusion. This particular battlegame was saved by Raven Harkkonen's near perfect portrayal of Jack Sparrow, even in retreat.

Jugging this year, while without last year's brawls, was filled with what can only be called conduct unbecoming. Many red cards were given, one notably to SirWeasel for punting the dog skull, despite the fact that the move was illegal and that he that he was already dead. Another went to his new bride Squire Xenith.

Tourneys were won by those you'd expect, Oznog taking the Robin hood tourney. Wench won the 20th annual Queen of the Hill tourney with a streak of 14, and most people agreed that tourney itself was not nearly as bad as last year. Sparhawk was the victor of the Tri-wizard Tourney, and was named the Flurb of the year as a result.

This was a big year for Knightings at SW, with three first belts being given and one second. The Celestial Kingdom ninja Knighted Lynae and Chango, each in the order of the Flame. Each of them were knighted in part because of the work they had put into previous Spring Wars. The Wetlands also created two Knights, Zane our newest Serpent Knight and they granted Slyddur his Crown Belt. Crown would have been his original order of Knighthood in 1998, if not for a last second switch to Flame.

In the end no major injuries were reported, and no yet known brawls, and most seem to have had a good time. So thank you from Spring War, and we hope to see you next year!

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