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Oznog, of the Wetlands.

”He's like a Mad Tinker Gnome of Amtgard”
”I WISH more real-world problems could be solved with a crossbow. Sadly, such a situation has not yet presented itself.”-Oznog

Things "invented" by Oznog (partial list, add more)

  • Can-Tab Armor (pictured above, look closely).
  • Arrows that bounce back and hit the archer
  • Some kind of Spruce Ballista with twisty arms
  • A kerosene lantern only its not a kerosene lantern, it has a flourescent light inside and the gas nozzle is the dimmer and its powered by discarded polaroid photographs.
  • Spring-loaded polearms that you can stab as hard as you want and not hurt the person you hit except it may send them flying.
  • His Serpent Belt glows green at night from black-light dye he trimmed it with. Uses an intense laser light to "charge" his belt.


Owner of a marvelous dog, Wizard (RIP). Oznog somtimes wears a 'head cam' like when Forest nadded him (thanks for the link Grendel)

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

Oznog is the only person to be knighted jointly by the Wetlands and the Celestial Kingdom.

Additional Images

Seen here with Mace Menosee at Murky Waters Coronation.

See all the kick-ass OzCam footage Here on YouTube

With his camera rig at Clan 2008

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