Esmea Tuek

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Esmea von Tuek, of the Duchy of Thor's Refuge, Kingdom of Westmarch

Esmea Tuek
Chapter Thor's Refuge
Kingdom Westmarch
Started 1997
Noble Title Baronetess
Belted Under Vagabond(formerly)
Contact Information
E-Mail [email protected]
Phone 916-842-4870

”Did I say that?”


Esmea joined Amtgard in 1997 in a now defunct Shire based out of Sacramento, CA. After the loss of the chapter, she joined with 3 other former members and formed the Shire of the Golden Hills based out of Cameron Park, CA.

In December of 1999, Esmea moved to Salt Lake City, UT. On January 20, 2000, The Shire of the Rivers End held it's first meeting with the attendance of 5.

By request of Fitz, Esmea was bestowed the title of Baronetess - Given by Emperor Belgarion Torrid, for her extended service towards the Shire, and ultimately the Empire of the Iron Mountains.

In 2006, Esmea appeared in the attendance of the Duchy of Irongate, where she met Sir Vagabond. She was inducted as Sir Vagabond's Man-at-arms.

Esmea reappeared in Rivers End on May 30th, 2009.

In 2011, Esmea moved back to Sacramento, CA, to get away from smog and harsh weather. She joined the Duchy of Thor's Refuge shortly thereafter, using a business card that Collin the Red gave Esmea at Salt Wars in 2010 to gain contact with the group.

In 2011, Esmea founded M&S Leatherworks to provide quality-made leather armor and accessories to Amtgardians.

Persona Biography

Esmea von Tuek, orphaned young to a warband razing her home village, she was fostered by a coven of druids. She was taught in their ways, but didn't wholly accept them as her past was too haunting. Through seeking revenge, she travelled the globe, fighting without cause. She has taken up various techniques, from her roots of druidism, to assassination techniques and even a spending time learning martial arts, never able to find any suitable alternative to quell the rage inside.

She earned titles of nobility while assisting various lands as she travelled. War-torn veteran, she became a mercenary, never truly belonging to any one company or land. She fights because she must in order to appease the inner-demons, possibly seeing the faces of that warband in each over her fallen foes as she strikes them down.

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Uncontested (so far) inventor of the 'Direct Injected Foam Over Core' weaponsmithing that was stolen and horribly implemented by commercial manufacturers after she consulted them for advice. (note: if you can predate and contest of this prior to 2000, please inform Esmea, as she also posted her ideas on the original Amtgard-L for advice) This system was designed to even recycle broken-down foams from old weapons, reducing waste impact of Amtgard's weapons.