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Lady Squire Alania of The Northern Holdfast, Iron Mountains



Alania has had the character Alania since she was a little girl. She didn't expect the character to have grown so much in such a little time. Her close friends grew accustomed to calling her Ala for short since most can't pronounce her name right. After so long and so many mistakes of her name she now allows people to mispronounce her name in one of two ways. Al-lawn-ya or Al-lawn-knee-ya are the most common ways of pronouncing her name. The background of the character is horrifying and something no one should ever have to go through. Alania has been in Amtgard since summer of 2013.


Affiliated Groups


Belted Family

Alania is squired to Sir Quiet

Notable Accomplishments

Three weeks into Amtgard, Alania was named Defender of The Northern Holdfast.

Obtained her Lady title during Fall of 2016.

Positions Held

Defender of the Northern Holdfast, Summer 2013-2014. Duchess of the Northern Holdfast, Summer 2016.

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