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Sir Zigful sai Yuk, of Eagleshire, Emerald Hills.

”Fuck That Bitch!”

"To me, he was the classic Hero. Flawed yet Perfect. Poetry in Motion. Unstoppable Force, be it for good or ill. Unyielding Focus... even when misdirected.

On the surface he was comfortable in most any surroundings... Yet beneath the facade, turmoil seethed and drove him even harder."--Delphos



Zigful was well known for being a jokester. He was ever mirthful with his friends, and is remembered cracking jokes even while he held back the hair of a friend who was sick with drink. Some speculate he never joined a house or company so much as "collected" their tabards. But that all ended once he became a member of Sable Pride. If it could be said of anyone, then certainly Zig is one it could be said about.

But beneath his jovial exterior Zig was haunted by a secret sadness. It ate at him from within where no one could see. If it was the pull of longing for something long lost that he searched for in vain, or someplace barely remembered to which passage was blocked, no one can say. So it won't be said.

Zig took his own life on February 3, 2009. His shell was turned to ash, which was taken to Tanglewood Forest by his family who were joined by his friends and admirers where it was committed to a place he had spent many of his best days. But that was only the beginning.

Mysteries remain, and stories are left to be completed regarding all those hidden Annihalus treasures he stole. Where is the Zigful hidden treasure of Sai Yuk?

And why is it, even just after his memorial, a number of loosely watched baubles and interesting items had gone missing?

So beware when treading through the trees of Tanglewood. Some say they've heard the laughter of a baby, the sound of wind playing in trees, and felt a certain lightness of the pockets as they traveled down those paths.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Zig is former squire to Lief and Falamar, Zig's Squires include Talen, TuK!, Steel, Tey and Lily Facewrecker.

Notable Accomplishments

-Knight of the Sword 7 June 2003 by King Larin Moonstar/Sir Falamar

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More Information

  • Zig played HFS at the Kingdom of Bhurtok in Carrollton Tx.
  • He will always be with us in spirit. We love and miss you Zig
  • Hope you find the peace that you couldn't find here.

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