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Arch Duke Larin Moonstar, of Bright_Forge, Emerald Hills.

”I'm kinda busy today, so if you could cut me a break and be insulted that would be great.”

”Reality has absolutely no bearing on what is going to happen today.”

"I'm not dead damn you!"



First Amtgard appearance: January 1998

Larin is married to Dame Tanara Stormcaller

Larin is Most known as the founder of Amtgard's first radio station, RedHawk Radio, and co-hosts Radio Free Amtgard with Forest Evergreen. He is constantly referred to as dead by the Justicars because it infinitely upsets him.

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Larin earned his Master Dragon & Master Bard in EH's Distant Past. His Master Rose on the other hand was granted by King Elder Vermillion, also in Emerald Hills, in April of 2006

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