Verbal (Type)

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For a listing of all magic and abilities of the verbal type, see: Verbals

Magics and Abilities that require an incantation to be activated. Verbals can have an immediate effect or impart a State or an Ongoing Effect. Ongoing Effects may have a duration, after which it expires. If a player would gain an Ongoing Effect they are already affected by, the Ongoing Effect’s duration will simply be adjusted to the new duration if it is longer than the current duration. An Ongoing Effect without a duration continues until it is removed by some outside force or until a condition is met. Unless otherwise noted, Ongoing Effects cannot apply to dead players and are removed when a player dies or has an effect activate which allows the player struck to avoid death (Undead Minion, Greater Undead Minion, Troll Blood, Phoenix Tears, Song of Survival).

Additional Notes:
A verbal requires the target to be at least partially visible at the end of the Incantation to be effective. If the target is not at least partially visible the Ability or Magic is still used up.

Most verbals follow the same format: They state your name, point at you, and say an incantation of three repetitions of a phrase that activates the Verbal.

Most offensive Verbals have very descriptive incantations. The incantation typically contains the School and the State or Effect of the Magic or Ability being used.

Example: The incantation for Hold Person is “I command thee to stop” three times; The School is ‘Command’ and the State it inflicts is ‘Stopped’.

No Verbal has a range greater than 50’. If you can get further away from the caster than that, you won’t be affected.

Verbals have a range of either:

  • Self
  • Touch
  • 20'
  • 50'

A verbal can always be used a range closer than what is listed, ie. a verbal with a range of "touch" can be used on yourself.

The effects of all verbals lasts 30 seconds, the only exception being Break Concentration, which lasts 10 seconds.