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Dame TuSocks B. Kayranus of Nocturnis, Celestial Kingdom

"I'm sorry, but I cannot fully explain stick jock asshattery in one fell swoop..."




Tusocks started playing Amtgard at Western Gate in 99'. TuSocks was best known as a fighter from the Rising Winds. TuSocks was willing to share her knowledge of fighting with others whenever given the opportunity. TuSocks enjoyed teaching at the 2008 Battlecry in Ohio.

'Socks was also known for the wonderful Interkingdom Events she has auto-crated. Along with Amtgard, TuSocks enjoys playing Dagorhir, Belegarth and SCA.

Passed away March of 2023.

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Belted Line

TuSocks was formerly squired to Sir Boots from Golden Plains.

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