Greasy Goldmoon

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Sir Greasy Goldmoon, of Darkmoor,Defender of the Wetlands.


Started playing in October 1996. On his first day he had a rib cracked and couldnt wait to play some more. In 2000 he moved to Phoenix,Az and played at Hyl Tao. In 2002 he moved back to the wetlands and has played there since.

Affiliated Groups

Rogers Raiders
Goldmoon Household
House Beer (Big Easy)

Belted Family

At the time of his knighting, Sir Greasy was squired to Sir Margul and Sir Shady

Greasy has three Squires, Kithandra from Polaris, Brenethor from Crimson Moon, Uncle from Ironwood

Notable Accomplishments

Knight of the Flame given under authority of King Termus of the Wetlands August 27, 2016
Champion of crimson moon Summer '09
Captain of the Guard WL reign XV to Sir Zachary Ironwolf
Captain of the Gaurd Wl Reign XXIX to Sir Margul Malorious
Weaponmaster of (Hyl Tao, Fall 2000)
GM of Monsters (Hyl Tao, Fall 2000)
Duke of Darkmoor x3
Champion of Darkmoor x5
GM of Healers x4 Wl
Title of Lord (Wetlands, Kiaser Silvertip 2/08)
Title of baron ( Wetlands, Sir Zachary )
Master Assassin (Sir Margul 3-6-10)
Master Rose (Sir Margul 3-6-10)
Captain of the CK Regents Guard: Reign 50 to Sir Clalibus
Champion of the Wetlands: Reign 40 To Draggo
Captain of the CK's Kings Guard: Reign 51 to Sir Clalibus
Team Drakknar Spring War 2016
Master Rose (Clalibus) Celestial Kingdom Spring 2016
Title of Wetlands Defender Reign 40
Title of Master Chef of the Wetlands.

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