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Maestro Staccatto Toccata, of the Inland Ocean, under the Northern Lights

”That's right: we're actually an illuminati organization bent on world domination... through wenching."

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Flurby Character Biography

Staccatto has spent the bulk of his life either being a rich bard or a poor bard. Really, the difference between the two isn't that big: the food and women are generally more tasteless for your average impoverished minstrel, but it's really all the same in the end. Having spent most of his life in pursuit of coin and cleavage, Staccatto stumbled into the Crimson Sanctum where he played many concerts, made some good friends and ruthlessly ridiculed everyone who wronged him. After some years of this, the young scoundrel grew restless and left for greener pastures (and less chaste women!).

Having finished with the perpetually sunny Crimson Sanctum, Staccatto journeyed northward to the rain-soaked lands of the Northern Lights. He eventually settled in the port town of Inland Ocean where he quickly began making a name for himself as a loudmouthed troublemaker, er, musician and storyteller. After years of calling the local monarchy a bunch of sluts and rapists, he was finally recognized by the populace as a Master Bard. Ever since that day, Staccatto has been milking that title to get free drinks and score with wenches while avoiding work all together.

... What did you expect? He's a bard. That's what bards do.

Serious Mundane Biography

Andy was introduced to Amtgard in April of 2007 as a senior in high school. He was a common sight at the Crimson Sanctum throughout his senior year and the following summer until he moved to Seattle to attend the University of Washington. Then, he took a year long hiatus while he lived in the dorms, largely due to his inability to get to a park. As he continued his education, Staccatto found renewed interested in Amtgard and fought regularly with the good folk of the Inland Ocean, where he took ruthless beatings from the vastly superior fighters. At that time, he also spent his summers occasionally fighting at various parks in Southern California such as Twig-on-Hill, Silver Sun, Siar Geata, and the Crimson Sanctum.

As of 2015, Staccatto has largely transitioned to the SCA with a focus in fencing and bardic performance. He is known in the kingdom of An Tir as Cesare Caravaggio.

Staccatto's Works

Positions Held / Awards Earned

  • Master Bard (Maestro) - Awarded September 2010 at Northern Lights Coronation
  • Troubadour - Awarded October 2011 at Inland Ocean
  • Guildmaster of Bards - Northern Lights Principality 2009, 2012
  • Dragonmaster - SOCAL (Southern Westmarch) Midreign, July 2010
  • Best in Show - Northern Lights Crown Quals, Feb. 2010

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