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Silverlock, of the Barony of Mystic Seas in Blackspire

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Knighthood is not the capstone or the carrot, its actually a bridge to a way of thinking on a road that has no ending. Many knights never cross the bridge and more than a few non-Knights have crossed without attaining Knighthood, per se. The belt doesnt make the Knight, the Knight makes the belt. Its value is as much or as little as you want/need it to be. {Sept 2011}


  • Joined VSR in 1991.

Affiliated Groups

House Sterling Virtue

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Silverlock was STRIPPED of all titles (including knighthood) for THEFT regarding Pac War 14 in October 2013. As of 7/28/17 we have yet to fully recover lost funds connected to his theft.

Relevant Minutes can be found here:

No words can completely and accurately describe the level of regard he has earned for himself. It is richly deserved.

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