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Baroness Lireal, Duchy of Rivers End, Desert Winds

”Iron Wulf Rules!”

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Lireal protecting a higher level Healer, Hannibal, at DBW V.


Lireal is a member of the Duchy of Rivers End, within the Principality of the Desert Winds, within the Empire of the Iron Mountains. She is married to Marquis Ceowulf, and her brother-in-law is Lord Cuthred, both of the Rivers End.

Affiliated Groups

Member of the Iron Wulf Company Lady Daggers

Notable Accomplishments

Duchal PM, Rivers End, November 2007 - May 2008

Additional Photos


Chour and Lireal, DBW V, first time I ever healed anyone, and yes, I was reading the spell.


Lireal and Ceowulf, Masked!