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Baron Porkins Cloudborne, of the Duchy of Thor's Refuge, Kingdom of Westmarch


Porkins revealing his inner druid.



Sometimes referred to as "Saint" by the members of the flock of the Church of St.Porkins, as he is known to be the second coming of St. Porkins, though he has yet to be officially confirmed as such

Lord - Given by Duke Jace Darkholme - Duchy of Thor's Refuge, December 2012

Master Healer - Given by Duke Bear Bear - Duchy of Thor's Refuge, September 2011

Baron - Given by King Deimos - Kingdom of Westmarch May 2015

Affiliated Groups

Notable Accomplishments

Once fed bacon to Amtgardian's throughout the day from a single swine.

Won his freedom and an order of the gladiator in Thor's Refuges fighting pits.

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Offices held

King of Westmarch November 2013 - November 2014 (two terms)

Duke of Thor's Refuge May 2013 - November 2013

Guildmaster of Reeves of Thor's Refuge December 2012 - May 2013

Prime Minister of Principality of Westmarch August 2011- August 2012 (two terms)

Guildmaster of Healers and Warriors of Thors Refuge November 2011 - May 2012

Guildmaster of Reeves of Barony/Duchy of Thor's Refuge May 2011- November 2011

Prime Minister of Thor's Refuge August 2010 - January 2011

Champion of Thor's Refuge May 2009 - November 2009