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Barony of Satyr's Crossing

A Barony of the Kingdom of the Rising Winds, located in Huntington, IN.

Satyr's Crossing
Kingdom Rising Winds
Status Shire
Founded March of 2001
City Huntington, IN
Park Memorial Park
Contact Information
E-Mail Facebook
Meets Sundays 1PM-5PM


Founded in March of 2001. Born of the hearts of many, Satyr's Crossing has risen into an amazing land. Epic Hydra (Monster) battles, the dance of the Weaponmaster tourneys, and the heartfelt poetry all make Satyr's Crossing into a home. Not to mention the good food on feast days.

About Satyr's Crossing

In Satyr's Crossing you don't have to be good with a sword to be accepted. Many excel in the arts with notable achievements on and off the field. If you can swing a stick, hold a tune, or just entertain us, head on out.


The People of Satyr's Crossing include members of the following companies & households:



We play at Memorial Park on Sundays between 1PM and 5PM.

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Monsters of SX

Deathric's Hydra, "Spot"

"Spot" The Hydra

The Wizard Deathric R'azel Shadowmoore holds within the boundaries of Satyr's Crossing a massive watch tower that stands vigilant over the land. Found within can be found a wide variety of forgotten or alien artifacts and mysterious creatures. Among the most troublesome and well-known within this collection is a large Hydra which the collective populous of Satyr's Crossing has come to call "Spot."

With the mentality of a dog who seems obsessed with chasing after and/or finding his favorite bone, Spot is notorious for escaping his confines and laying siege upon any poor fool caught between him and his next chew toy. Even more troubling is the Hydra's ability to mimic or attune itself to the chaotic elemental energies prevalent within Satyr's Crossing, enabling it wield a variety of magic balls on it's prey.

Whenever Spot finds its way out of his confines, the collective populous of Satyr's Crossing must fight against, bait, and return Spot back to his lair where they attempt to ward and reinforce the monster to prevent future escape. It is not yet known how Spot escapes time and again, but what is known is that if not provided with ample bones to chew on it only becomes a matter of time before Spot cleverly escapes to once again terrorize the land.

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