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Combat Ranking
Dust Dancer
A&S Ranking
Flame Dancer
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Lord Captain Squire MaA Crispin (Just call me Crispy) Silvermane of Sylvan Glade, Winter's Edge

"If I was to light you on fire, would you get brighter?"


-Founding member of Hyl Tao in Mesa, Az. (1997-1998)

-Founding member of Ardent Sands in Mesa, Az. (1999-2003)

-Member of High Oasis in Phoenix, Az. (2008-2011) (Regent March 2010-September 2010)

-Member of Obsidian Gate in Tucson, Az. (2011-2013)

-Founding Member of Brigands Pass in Casa Grande, Az. (November 2013 to March 2014)

-Captain of the Lady Nightwish- "Preemptive Nautical Salvage Experts" (PNSE).

Wardancer - Flame Dancer

Man at Arms to the Lady Kiiri Duabhor

Squire to Sir Shadow Dragon

Lord tittle given by King Manthax of the burning lands (1/2014)

The title of "Anti-Scout" bestowed by King Randall of Dragonspine (7/2001)

Former Head Admin. of the Amtwiki from Jan. 2014 to Jan. 2017.

Belted Family


  • Member of the Scribes Guild: Specializing in Wood burned plaques.
  • Self taught leather working:
      • A&S Champion Spring War 2014
      • Ck Dragon Master Feb. 2017

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